Automated scoring of multiple-choice tests

Creating and automatically scoring multiple-choice tests

Creating multiple-choice tests with ease

Used by teachers and exam officers in universities, technical schools and vocational training institutions, QCM Direct has scored over a million answer grids error free.

Easy creation of the questionnaire

Creating multiple-choice tests with ease

Thanks to the toolbar for Microsoft Word, creating multiple-choice tests with QCM Direct takes less than 5 minutes. The test-creation assistant guides you through setting your tests and configuring how they are scored.

"I am satisfied with the QCM Direct software, which I now use for almost all my tests and assessments. QCM Direct saves me a lot of time, allowing me to test objectively and frequently while also getting results back to my very quickly."
York Francis ZOELLNER, University of Hamburg

Automated scoring

During the scanning of answer grids, the software automatically reads candidates’ names and answers. The results and statistics are available as soon as scanning is finished and can be exported to text files, Excel or any other web format.

Automatically scoring multiple-choice tests

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