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Qualified proctors for on-campus examinations

Monitoring test-takers is essential to ensure both the fairness and the smooth running of every testing session. To that end, Exatech provides qualified proctors in the Paris region and throughout France.

Qualified proctors

Exatech’s proctors have been selected and trained. They work together regularly and have proctoring experience on the selected testing sites. They are trained in Exatech's innovative technologies for taking attendance, managing overbooking and marking exams digitally. They are also trained in the implementation of tests on digital tablets.

Exatech has created its subsidiary dedicated to the recruitment and contracting of qualified supervisors, GESTES. 

If you are interested in becoming an invigilator, please visit the website dedicated to the recruitment of invigilators for examinations and competitions

Qualified supervisors for examinations and competitions
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Dedicated tools for our proctoring team

Exatech has developed tools to simplify the organization for contracting proctors. Thanks to this approach, you can schedule your exam and enter your request for exam proctors with complete peace of mind Proctors also receive notifications. This system makes scheduling extremely responsive to your needs, especially in the event of an unforeseen unavailability. Of course, our teams can always be reached by telephone.

"The invigilators are really the cornerstone of the proper conduct of these examinations.

Florie Weber, Deputy Director of Transversalities at the University of Paris
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Exam proctors, key members of the team

Proctors ensure that instructions and regulations are properly applied. They greet and place candidates, manage their requests, control movement in the exam hall, distribute exam papers, take attendance, then collect, count and sort exam scripts at the end of the session. Our proctors are loyal to us, with the same teams involved in most testing sessions. The trust is total.  

Read the interview with the head of studies at the ESCE international business school (in french) 

supervisors exams competitions schools rooms

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