Digital overbooking management

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Digital attendance and overbooking management

Simplicity, security and financial control with Exatech-attendance software

Our overbooking software allows you to print out the attendance list automatically, simplifying the process for exam teams and candidates alike.

Attendance made fast, reliable and easy

Candidates are assigned to a seat as they arrive: the overbooking process eliminates the need for pre-assigned seating with name labels. By scanning barcodes on the candidates' official invitations, the attendance list is provided in less than an hour. We can also provide you with a precise picture of the test-taking group and the exam hall, whatever its size.

Organization of exams and competitions, halls, exhibition centre
Candidates take the exams

Overbooking: the technique for cost-effective attendance management

With overbooking, price quotes are based on provisional attendance figures and not on total enrollment, which significantly reduces administrative and enrollment costs. Drawing on extensive experience in overbooking, our teams can help you determine the number of tables needed for your exam.

Our technical teams of overbooking specialists

We handle the layout and printing of invitations, put them in envelopes for mailing and return them to your team. As soon as the testing session is over, attendance infomation is provided in an Excel file. If the exam is to be marked digitally on the Viatique platform, all attendance data is directly uploaded to Viatique.

Management of present and absent persons

Benefit from a free audit

Reach ministries and major schools. Our advisors will guide you to the Exatech services and solutions that are best suited to your process.