Exams and assessments on 100% digital tablets

Creating and administering digital exams on tablets

The Exatique solution

The turnkey solution for a digital examinations. This reliable and easy to implement solution is capable of handling large-scale assessments on several sites simultaneously, in France and elsewhere. All candidates are tested on identical digital tablets, which are provided by our teams. The fairness of testing is ensured: the same devices are used by all candidates.

Tablet exams and competitions Creation and administration of tablet exams

1. Creating a digital assessment

Benefit from a secure digital environment with a customizable workflow for managing the different stages of test development.

2. Storing assessments securely

As soon as the assessment is validated for use, the test and the list of candidates who will take it are uploaded to the digital vault with an encryption system. Only the customer has the key that will allow the assessment to be made available to the candidates.

Examinations and competitions on tablets

Benefit from a free audit

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Examinations and competitions on tablets

3. Deploying digital tablets

The digital tablets are simultaneously configured and cloned using the on-board system of the smart carts. Tablets are then distributed to test takers, who identify themselves using the personalized QR code appearing on each candidate’s official invitation.

4. Launching the test

Shortly before the test is to start, the customer enters the decryption key and receives a code to unlock the test. This code is then transmitted orally to the candidates by the center manager. Both the launch and the end of the test are instantly implemented on all distributed tablets.

Examinations and competitions on tablets
Tablet exams and competitions Creation and administration of tablet exams

5. Immediate retrieval of results

The results are available as soon as the test is over. Once all tablets have been collected at the end of the testing session, the candidates' answers are retrieved by the smart carts' on-board system. These answers are uploaded to the digital vault and converted to results. Via the secure Exatique environment, the customer will access the candidates' results, the applied coefficients and any score-adjustment protocols that may have been implemented.

By harnessing the full possibilities of digital testing, this innovative solution transforms how exams and assessments are conducted. You can now offer a rich and rewarding experience to your candidates.

Maximum security

Because ensuring the success of your digital assessment is essential, we have developed a platform capable of ensuring the highest level of security for the entire process: from test creation to test taking and finalization of results.

Equality of opportunity

Identical tablet for each candidate. Specifically designed for the needs of high-stakes testing, the digital tablets provided by Exatech are equipped to: prevent cheating, function self-sufficiently during the entire examination, with up to 12 hours of autonomy. In-person testing also eliminates the risk of unequal access to the web. 

Peace of mind throughout testing

All the logistics are entirely managed by our teams, ensuring that digital tablets are fully available and functional during the whole testing session. The test results and candidates’ answers are made available to the organizers immediately after testing.

Software that is easy to use

The interfaces are intuitive. Before taking the test, candidates may take a practice test (taken from a previous session) on a platform with the same interface used on the tablets. 

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