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Digital exam-marking services

Our exam processing services

Using our software, we implement automated scoring of multiple-choice tests or scanning of written exam-scripts for digital marking, on site and in record time!

Scanning exam scripts

Many schools, universities and government agencies use the Viatique platform for digital exam marking, to ensure the security of both exam scripts and scoring.  

We have three exam-script scanning centers in France. Our teams process even the largest batches of exam scripts very quickly, either directly on your exam site or in one of our secure scanning centers. Directly during scanning, all aspects of processing for grading are executed in a single step: counting, anonymizing, sorting and distributing exam scripts to correctors.

on-screen dematerialised correction

Automated scoring

We digitally process your multiple-choice tests and surveys , however great the volumes. Our teams can work on site or in our secure scanning centers, in the Paris region or in Montpellier. We deliver the results and statistics in the format of your choice.

Many exams have already moved to digital. Check out what our customers have to say!

Exams on digital tablets

For 100% digital in-person testing, deployment can be partially or fully handled by our teams: secure exam design, distribution of digital tablets, verification of attendance, automatic centralization and upload of scores to your system. We scrupulously ensure that equipment is fully operational.

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Examinations and competitions on tablets

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