User testimonials

Software implementation, personalized services, follow-up on training: what users have to say

Digitizing scripts reinforces the security of our examinations and allows us to save a lot of precious time in a tight schedule requiring short deadlines for the return of test scores.

Barbara GILLET
Head of the G2E competition

According to our satisfaction survey, the users (examiners, administrators, scanning personnel) are very satisfied. It is clear that the overall satisfaction is very positive. The survey of scanning personnel shows an overall rating of 4.54 out of 5.

Dorian Liu
Office of the Secretariat General of the European Schools

Viatique is a tool that allows the traceability necessary for any competitive testing process and eliminates all the risks linked to anonymizing exam scripts, delivering them to correctors, transportation... When you use Viatique, you instantly see that it’s designed by people who understand assessment.

Head of the Agronomic and Veterinary Competitions Department (SCAV) in 2021

Viatique has enabled the Gendarmerie to streamline and simplify pre-correction operations. This reduction in tasks is perfectly adaptable to our needs and we have dedicated support contact that allows us to approach these operations with peace of mind

Squadron Leader Rémi ARMENGAUD
Deputy Head of the Non-Commissioned Officer Recruitment Section of the BRCE, French national Gendarmerie

The cooperation with Exatech is excellent.

Fadila Nadour
Head of PT BANK admissions testing

The collaboration with Exatech is important and essential. For site logistics, monitoring and automatic correction of MCQ grids

Florie WEBER
Deputy Director for Transversalities at the University of Paris
Simplification, modernization of procedures, rationalization of costs, enhanced pedagogical support, oversight on the fairness of results.
Christophe AGARD
Regional Inspector, Rectorate of Bordeaux

Digitization has streamlined, simplified and lowered costs significantly.

Christine FUHREL
Assistant principal of the Franco-Mexican High School in Mexico City

This significantly alleviates the tasks related to organizing the Baccalaureate.

Assistant principal of the Franco-Mexican school in Mexico City

After correcting 15 exam scripts (at 29% so far, according to the statistics!), I find the software easy and pleasant to use. It's really a great step forward in exam marking.

Teacher and corrector

This digital tool has been conceived in a very innovative way.

Former Secretary of State for Digital Affairs

Moving to digital brings real added value that reinforces our image of quality and innovation.

Deputy Cultural Counsellor, French Embassy in Berlin

100% of exam scripts for the Baccalaureate are scanned, it's a great innovation!

Former Secretary of State for Digital Affairs

What a lot of correctors liked was knowing that they could access their exam scripts from any computer, whether at home or elsewhere.

Principal of the French High School in Berlin

Teachers can dialogue in real time, either on a forum or via an instant messaging system, which allows them to harmonize their grades without waiting for a meeting at the end of the exam marking period.

Professor of History and Geography

Here, the digital is at the service of human beings.

Former Secretary of State for Digital Affairs

This is a huge time saver in terms of transportation (3 to 4 hours saved per day), which means less stress and more serenity for grading.

Teacher and corrector

Improving the fairness of assessments for all candidates.

Christophe AGARD
Regional Inspector, Rectorate of Bordeaux

Digital marking saves considerable time, allows for an even distribution among the markers, reduces the risk of loss or theft and ensures instant anonymity.

Fadila Nadour
Head of PT BANK admissions testing