Digital platform for correcting exams and scoring tests

Digital platform for correcting exams and scoring tests

Digital marking ensures the security of your exams

The Viatique platform digitizes candidates’ exam scripts, renders them anonymous, then instantaneously and securely dispatches them to graders. Viatique revolutionizes exam management, reducing organizational costs while also providing unmatched comfort for educational professionals.

Security of exam scripts through digitization

After digitization, the paper copies are stored in the establishment. They are not moved or handled, thus avoiding any risk of loss or damage. Copies are securely sent to the cloud and are accessible for correction. Saved on the platform, the copies and their corrections are available for consultation in PDF format by any authorized person.

Exam scripts immediately available for marking

on-screen dematerialised correction

Following exams, the candidates' scripts are scanned. Each paper is identified, rendered anonymous for marking and encrypted for upload to the server. The system sorts the exam scripts into batches and distributes them to the designated correctors, thus eliminating any possibility of manual error.

Viatique electronically corrects the brevet of 300 French secondary schools abroad

On-screen digital marking

Viatical dematerialised correction

Marking teams have access to exam scripts online, from anywhere at any time. When they log in, they browse the composition on the screen with a variety of intuitive tools such as a magnifying glass, a ruler, a protractor or a marker. As soon as corrections are finished, the scores are automatically uploaded, without manual transcription. Supervisors monitor the process remotely and securely with a dynamic dashboard, which provides a precise and comprehensive snapshot of exam scripts and corrections in real time. The secure forum and instant messaging tools simplify coordination between supervisors and marking teams.

Digital marking from the corrector's point of view

Remote oral examinations using Viatique


The digital grading platform now integrates oral examination tools: assess candidates remotely in your usual Viatique digital environment.  

Benefit from a free audit

Reach ministries and major schools. Our advisors will guide you to the Exatech services and solutions that are best suited to your process.

Meetings and commissions on Viatique

Viatique integrates a videoconferencing module to organize exam-marking meetings. In addition to Viatique’s security, you benefit from the platform's exam-management tools, with direct access to scoring rubrics and data to facilitate your discussions.


Our dematerialisation system is patented by the INPI

The French National Institute of Industrial Property has patented our technology, which is now used by ministries and schools for many exams and competitions.

The Viatique digital marking platform is used by government departments and agencies, universities and technical schools. Contact us if you wish to use it: a project manager will answer all your questions.