Organisation and dematerialisation of competitions and examinations

EXATECH's innovations make your competitions 100% digital, reliable and easy to implement

Innovation for your exams and assessments

Exatique is the turnkey solution for fully digital testing. Designed to manage large-scale multi-site testing, in Europe and throughout the world, Exatique ensures reliability and simplicity of implementation.

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100% digital tablet exams: Exatique
Organisation of competitions: management of tables and chairs

Turnkey solutions for organizing your exams

We are experts in the technical and material organization of testing for up to 50,000 candidates, regardless of location. Site selection, proctoring, overbooking management… we ensure that every aspect of testing runs smoothly, from exam-hall rental to the delivery of final scores.

Dematerialized correction platform

Since 2012, the Viatique platform has been used to grade exams and high-stakes tests in a wide range of government agencies, universities and technical schools, as well as various public institutions.

Viatique: the on-screen marking platform
Qualified supervisors for examinations and competitions

Qualified proctors for your exams

Proctoring is essential to ensure equal opportunity for all candidates and the smooth running of any competition or exam. EXATECH proctors are qualified and available in the Paris area and throughout France.

They trust us

The solutions and services marketed by EXATECH guarantee the security and success of your contest or exam.

Peace of mind

We provide turnkey solutions that are modular and adaptable. We tailor our services to your specific needs and procedures.


We accompany you in your transition to digital testing as a means for improving security and fairness.

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